About Us (Continued)

Organization Structure
The RC&D is a strong grass roots movement. Local people who are willing to work together enables the programs success. Local people deserve the credit for their dedication to improving their communities. Many times just a little bit of encouragement, guidance or support is needed to get a project going. The Little Colorado RC&D governing body is a Council made up ofrepresentatives from 15 sponsoring organizations.

Sponsors include county boards of supervisors, city and town councils, conservation districts, and Native American Nations. Sponsors appoint volunteer representatives that make up the RC&D Council.

The Board of Directors is made up of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and directors. This Board meets frequently to oversee the operations of the Little Colorado RC&D. The primary method assistance is provided to sponsors is through Action Teams.

Community leaders along with stakeholders organize an Action Team to actively address community issues. Leaders with diverse backgrounds join together to collaborate. The Action Team is responsible for implementing activities that address the problem. The Board of Directors signs all contracts and the Treasurer serves as the fiscal agent. The principal staff members include a Coordinator, Project Director and Administrative Assistant. The Coordinator is provided through partnership with USDA , and functions as the Councils Executive Director. The Project Director is responsible for grant writing and keeping projects on time and on budget. The Administrative Assistant provides support to the Coordinator and the Project Director and handles the general office management duties.

Funding Sources and Budget
Funding for the Little Colorado RC&D comes from three sources: Fifteen sponsors and other organizations contribute annual dues; projects are funded through grants from state, federal and private foundations; and individual and business contributions are accepted. Each year the Council contracts with a certified public account to complete an audit that complies with non-profit accounting standards. Also, the Council submits to the IRS Form 990.