About Us (Continued)

Organizational Strengths
The Little Colorado River Plateau RC&D demonstrates strength as an effective grassroots rural development organization, including addressing problems and opportunities from a multi-county perspective. One characteristic that distinguishes the Little Colorado RC&D from other rural development organizations is its ability to build partnerships. Solving complex resource issues occurs because individuals or organizations find common ground. These common issues revolve around social, economic and environmental conditions in the community or region. Through this linkage collaboration evolves.

Perhaps the most important services provided by the Little Colorado RC&D is something that does not really appear on the surface. Helping local people get organized, fully evaluating the problem or situation, and advising the local people where they can go for help with their specific problems are key elements to making the program effective. All sources of technical and financial assistance are explored, then a concerted effort is made to obtain the needed assistance to make the project a reality.

Specific services include project planning, meeting facilitation, grant proposal writing, strategic planning, and grant-writing workshops. The Little Colorado RC&D initiates projects consistent with the strategic plan. The Council places a high priority on projects and issues impacting the entire service area. We provide technical assistance to our: sponsors, non-profit organizations, and concerned citizens when compatible with the Little ColoradoRC&D Strategic Plan.

Sponsors and other organizations desiring assistance can make a request in writing to the Council. Projects that can best be addressed by others, or where collaboration is not needed or possible, are referred to other organizations. All programs and services of the Little Colorado RC&D are offered on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, or handicap.

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